Cox Communications

Beware of Cox Communications fake offer scams

Both via email promotion and big pop ups on Cox's main web site, I keep getting messages from Cox, advertising a $5.00 upgrade to our Internet service. So far as I can tell, it's nothing but a bait and switch scam to try to trick you into buying more expensive service.

Incredible Pizza

Review - Why all of our family and friends Stopped going to Incredible Pizza

All of a sudden Incredible Pizza Company just decided they don't want our business any longer, to the point of becoming hostile.  So, it looks like none of us are ever going back.  Until recently, we enjoyed the food and the price and had been on friendly terms with all the staff.  We had been eating there as often as 4 to 5 times/week, since they re-opened as Incredible Pizza, anywhere from 2 to 8 or 10 of us at a time.  There are at least 12 or 13 people in our group of family and friends that have been going there.  We have no idea what sparked their sudden hostile attitude toward us.  Their behavior appeared to be nothing less than discrimination as you will see in the detailed account below of what happened.

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