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Beware of Cox Communications fake offer scams

Both via email promotion and big pop ups on Cox's main web site, I keep getting messages from Cox, advertising a $5.00 upgrade to our Internet service. So far as I can tell, it's nothing but a bait and switch scam to try to trick you into buying more expensive service.

The first picture here is a screen shot of what I keep getting. When I click ORDER NOW I would expect it to take me to an order screen for an upgraded Internet service that would increase the $42.99/mo price, that I am currently paying for the minimum service, to $47.99. I click it and log in and get a page that has a Continue to Checkout button at the bottom. However, if you assume this took you to the offer they presented without paying close attention, You are going to get tricked into a much higher price. Look at the MONTHLY CHARGES price at the top of the page in the second screen shot: $63.99/mo. That's a $21.00 increase, not a $5.00 one.

I initiated a live chat and the rep told me, "That offer is no longer available on the web site. You have to call in to get it", and he gave me a phone number. Really? I said I just got the offer as a big pop up, covering the whole page, with an ORDER NOW button, blocking access to the whole rest of the page, when I logged in to check my bill less than 5 minutes ago. How long was it good for online, 1 minute?

OK, so I call the number and they tell me it's not available to us at all because we don't already have a high enough level package. The best deal they can give me is to increase to 100mb/s for $59.99/mo. Even that is a $17.00 increase in price. Yet, I am getting personalized emails to my existing account email address, saying Hi, <my-name> with these fake offers.

BTW, these screenshots are from yet another email I received today, the day after I talked to them. SCAM SCAM

From my research, so far as I can tell, what they are doing is illegal.
What Is The "Bait and Switch" And When Is It Illegal?
They Didn't just try to upsell me.  They refused to sell me an improved package for the advertised $5 increase (the bait).

And according to

In most states this practice is a crime and can also be the basis for a personal lawsuit if damages can be proved. The business using "bait and switch" is an apt target for a class action since there are many customers...